Liquid Natural Red Iron, Ultra Potent – 10ml

  • MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO TAKE NATURAL IRON – This natural and pure high-strength Red Iron can help to restore your body’s iron levels back to normal levels in just 1 week. Ideal for reducing / eliminating Anaemia.
  • NONE OF THE SIDE EFFECTS COMMONLY ASSOCIATED WITH IRON – The most bioavailable form of Iron, in its natural Ionic form, No side effects of constipation, cramping, bloating etc. Enters your bloodstream within minutes after ingesting.
  • UNIQUE AND HIGHLY ABSORBABLE – Nature allows the iron particles to become micronized (nano-ionic) within plants over time before turning these plants into clay. Natural Red Iron is then extracted from these ancient clay beds using a proprietary drip process.
  • ULTRA POTENT 10ml GLASS BOTTLE 1 MONTH SUPPLY – The Iron minerals are in their natural ionic form, maintaining their electrical charge and ready for the bloodstream. Easy to Mix with Water.
  • NO MORE PILLS – No more swallowing a handfuls of pills in the morning to get your daily intake of important minerals. With an absorption rate of 98%, you will never need another Iron supplement again – ever!



Betterbio Health Natural Red Iron is a product from the earth that is extremely safe and effective because it has attributes no other iron products have.

Are low iron levels keeping you from being your best self? Get your energy back and feel alive again by reversing your iron deficiency. Our Natural Iron concentrate is the most effective form of iron. It maintains its natural ionic charge allowing for easy and rapid absorption. Its superior absorption also allows for smaller stomach-friendly doses. It is also iron in its pure form, free of chemical flavouring agents.

Betterbio Natural Red Iron is unique, safe and highly absorbable because nature allows iron particles to become micronized or nano-ionic within plants and over time turned these plants into clay. Betterbio Natural Red Iron is extracted from ancient clay beds using a proprietary drip process.

Higher & Faster Absorption

Our Ionic Iron is derived from the most bioavailable form of iron – Ionic Ferrous Sulfate.  It is shown to absorb 4x better than other synthetically derived forms of iron.

It’s a highly absorbable iron WITHOUT all the other artificial ingredients.

Our iron maintains its natural ionic charge, allowing it to quickly and easily be assimilated into the bloodstream where the cascade of biochemical reactions can occur. The iron molecules are also in the nano-size range, meaning they are tiny. Meaning they are extremely small. The reduction in size makes them more reactive and bioavailable across the entire bloodstream. 1 to 2 doses per day will help reverse your iron deficiency and make you feel alive again.

Pure Iron Without the Chemicals

Iron supplements on the market usually have side effects that cause constipation, cramping, bloating, nausea and more. These side effects do not occur with Betterbio Natural Red Iron.

Our Iron is the Most Absorbable Form – Allowing for Smaller, Stomach Friendly Doses

The liquid ionic form allows the iron to bypass the stomach and immediately begin absorption from the small intestine. This form of iron will be absorbed faster and at higher concentrations in the body, allowing for lower, stomach-friendly doses.

What is Betterbio Health Natural Liquid Iron?

The unique properties of Betterbio Natural Red Iron are driven by a substance known to few called Fulvic Acid, not Folic Acid.

Natural Red Iron contains a minuscule amount of 28 trace elements along with a minuscule amount of Fulvic Acid arranged in a halo like structure. These halo like structures increase the effectiveness and absorption capabilities of Betterbio Natural Red Iron. The 28 trace elements plus Fulvic Acid work as a support group to enhance the capacity of Betterbio Natural Red Iron particles within the human body and doing so with no known side effects.

The minuscule amounts of trace elements and Fulvic Acid in Natural Red Iron are very small in quantity (measured in mg/ml). The quantity of the 28 minerals and Fulvic Acid, are not required to be listed in the “Supplement Facts” box on the label because only trace amounts of each are present.

Betterbio Natural Red Iron is different from any other iron product.

Betterbio Natural Red Iron which is neither Heme or Non-Heme iron but a naturally sourced iron solution consisting of iron ions (Fe++ions) which is what the body ultimately wants in an iron (Fe++ions) supplement.

Our discovery of this magnificent product is such that we can claim it is not a Heme or Non-Heme iron but extracted ions of iron (Fe++ions). Why is this different? A method has been developed in which we are now able to extract iron ions (Fe++ions) from clay (ancient clay beds).

Benefits of Betterbio liquid Iron Supplement

Betterbio Natural Red Iron can be absorbed directly from the mouth into the bloodstream and therefore works faster than any other form of iron and has no unpleasant side effects like other iron supplements.

Betterbio Health liquid Iron may help with the following conditions:

  • General malaise
  • Paleness
  • Concentration problems
  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Eating disorders
  • Chapped lips and corners of the mouth
    (vitamin B2 deficiency)
  • Hair loss
  • Palpitations
  • High bloodpressure
  • High coffee and tea intake
  • Headache
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Shortness of breath
  • Long-term vomiting
  • Inflammations
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Operations
  • Chest pain
    (with narrowed coronary arteries)
  • Restless legs
  • Muscle weakness
  • Exhaustion Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue, physically and mentally
  • Decreased sports performance
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Heavy periods

What are the side effects of taking BetterBio Natural Iron?

Commonly, iron supplements can cause all kinds of digestive issues, including conspitation, nausea, a bitter taste in the mouth etc.

All of these are eradicated via taking the supplement in a Natural Nano form!

Because Natural Iron is elementary, it does not have to pass through the stomach and intestines when used correctly. It is absorbed directly into the mouth, where it can enter the bloodstream and cells very quickly. The ultra-small iron particles have a bioavailability of 100%, so you need much less of them. So no annoying side effects and no chance of stacking!

How to Use

Betterbio Natural Red Iron is easy to use: Just take 6 drops of Natural Red Iron in a glass of pure water or juice (not apple) per day for 5 days per week.

Betterbio Natural Red Iron is cost effective: you get 30 servings per bottle: that’s over a month supply equivalent to just 45 pence per day

Betterbio Natural Red Iron use for children: can be accomplished by dividing the serving size for young adults.

For children under 12 you can take 3 drops. Children under six can take 2 drops every 4-6 days but, you must monitor the iron levels, we recommend you see your health care professional to assure accurate usage of Natural Red Iron.

Betterbio Natural Red Iron is flexible: you will find that in most cases you can use the recommended serving size. If needed, you can adjust your serving size to fit your goals. This can be accomplished by increasing the serving size by one, two or more drops.

Is it OK to take an iron supplement every day?

Absolutely. Just make sure you keep within the recommended dose.

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg

0.100 kg


1 x 10ml


There are 35 servings per 10ml bottle so just take 6 drops of Natural Red Iron in 180ml of pure water or juice (not apple) per day for 5 days per week. Natural Red Iron is also extremely cost effective, delivering 35 servings per bottle: that's over 1 month's supply per bottle.


Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Best kept refrigerated after opening.


Natural Red Iron is unique, safe and highly absorbable because nature allows the iron particles to become micronized (nano-ionic) within plants over time before turning these plants into clay.

Natural Red Iron is then extracted from these ancient clay beds using a proprietary drip process.


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